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Lake Placid Spirits

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Lake Placid Spirits


Cold, deep lakes. Rugged, remote peaks. Silent, ancient woods and air so fresh it restores the soul. From these elements arise spirits like no others, capturing the essence of pristine waters and untouched wilds. Here, in the vibrant heart of the Adirondack Park, you’ll find Lake Placid Spirits, the craft distillery creating fine liquor from nature's best grains, potatoes and fruit. We make our products in small batches using the centuries old method of pot-still distillation. Our most essential ingredient, pure water drawn from spring fed Lake Placid, is treated only with respect not chemicals. As our signature, we have added a final filtration using Adirondack gemstones to create a beverage that is smooth, subtle and evocative.

Precisely what our spirits evoke is up to you. Possibly a hike up Algonquin Peak to take in the vista of a vast wilderness. It could be first tracks through knee high powder down a narrow Whiteface slope. Maybe a misty morning on the AuSable River hooking a feisty brown trout, or perhaps it is just a peaceful moment on a lakeside porch savoring a timeless scene as you sip a cocktail.

Available Spirits:

46 Peaks Vodka, P3 Vodka, Alpen Glow Vodka, Blue Line Gin

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